THE ride That can change history.

LIFERIDE DAY - June 15, 2024

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Recapturing our communities,
one family at a time.

Discover how a 3,400-mile bike ride can change the course of history by standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Life Ride will begin on May 4th, 2023, in Corona del Mar, CA, and conclude in the Isle of Palms, SC, near the end of June.


LifeRide is a faith-based movement that is on a mission to help communities become the hands and feet of Christ. We want to see churches re-energized and people serving like never before in ministry and in their communities. We are launching a 3,400 mile bike ride experience across the country, kicking off in Corona Del Mar, California, on the National Day of Prayer, May 4, 2023. Approximately 60 days later, we will cross the finish line in Charleston, South Carolina. We invite churches, sponsors, families, and individuals to participate in the manner that works best for you— ride, sponsor, or take action. There’s an option for everyone. LifeRide is attempting to raise 5 million dollars in donations through the cross-country trip to continue transforming communities, one family at a time. Join LifeRide by getting off the sideline and becoming more bold, courageous, and active in your faith.


- Help churches become the hands and feet of Christ…again

- Help people rediscover faith that changes lives, families, communities.

- Help the church meet the great need to be active


If you would like to sponsor the ride, make checks payable to “Love Life” and mail to P.O. BOX 12214 CHARLOTTE, NC 28220 | Please include a memo that says “Life Ride”



Discover how to help strengthen your local church by participating in LifeRide and becoming a partner church “House of Refuge” for those in need within your community.


A large variety of sponsorship opportunities exist—donate money, equipment, volunteers, or time.

Individuals and/or Families

Individuals and families are invited to ride along during the 3,400-mile cross-country trip—ride an actual leg of the trip, ride along real-time right from your own community, or gather a local group to ride a portion of the trip on your own time while still raising support for LifeRide.

Love Life
PO Box 12214 Charlotte,
North Carolina 28220 US

Donor support
CALL: 704.289.0770